• Functional ACL Return To Play Program Announcement!

    Strides Human Performance Institute is now offering a progressive functional ACL return to play program. The program was designed by one of our Performance Coaches, Andrew. Andrew is a Certified Athletic Trainer with experience in evaluating, treating, rehabilitating and preventing orthopedic injuries as well as guiding clients of all ages through strength and conditioning programs.

    Goals of the program:
    •Prevent a secondary ACL injury
    •Get you back to performing at the level before your injury or better

    Who the program is for:
    •Clients who have had ACL surgery and are done with Physical Therapy
    •Clients who have torn their ACL but are choosing not to have surgery
    •Clients who are going to have an ACL repair that want pre-habilitation before their surgery

    What we are going to do:
    •Strengthen leg and core musculature
    •Teach you how to squat, jump, land, decelerate, and change direction correctly
    •Improve agility

    This program was designed using current research that supports that the standard physical therapy protocol for an ACL reconstruction does not bring the patient through the return to play process. By creating a criteria based return to play protocol we can progress the client appropriately so they can return to their sport or activity as safely and effectively as possible. This program is designed to attack the rehabilitation and prevention process from many different angles, developing strength, power, agility and neuromuscular control. All of which are extremely necessary in order to successfully return to sport or activity.

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