• Week of Feb 24th, class changes

    Upcoming Class Changes:
    Feb 25th, Tuesday, Restorative Yoga-Alena for Rachel.
    Feb 26th, Wednesday, 8:00am Step Andrea for Deb O
    Feb 26th, Wednesday, 9:15am Triple S-Cancelled.
    Feb 26th, Wednesday, 6:50pm Yoga Laura for Sabine
    Feb 27th, Thursday, 8:00am Yoga Sarale for Anastasia
    Feb 27th, Thursday, 5:30pm Step Andrea for Danielle
    Feb 27th, Thursday, 6:30pm Yoga Laura for Sabine
    Feb 28th, Friday, 8:30 am Strength Beth for Deb
    Feb 29th, Saturday, No Step Classes
    Mar 1st, Sunday, 10:00am Cycle Jamie P. for Jamie
    Mar 1st, Sunday, 10:30am Restorative Yoga Alena for Rachel.

    Mar 1st, Sunday, 12:00pm is cancelled

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